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Residential Interior Floors

Take your garage, basement, bathroom, stairway, or laundry room to the next level with polyurea floor coatings. Expand the usable square footage in your home with sleek finished floors that transform cold-feeling concrete into stylish spaces. Choose from our standard colors or customize your own to suit your personal aesthetic.

Residential Exterior Concrete

We can coat any concrete space intended for human, automotive, or even animal use. Transform a barn or dog kennel into a water-resistant, non-skid space for pets and livestock. Create a custom patio space to enjoy in the summer months or even coat a stairway or landing.

Commercial Spaces

From locally-owned businesses to large retail settings, and even showrooms, polyurea floors provide a visually enticing flooring solution that ensures customers stay safe. Non-skid floors that don’t absorb stains or moisture reduce the risk of falls during rainy or snowy weather. Plus, our team can tailor the look of your floor to match the aesthetics of your brand.

Industrial Solutions

Warehouses, shops, and other industrial spaces benefit from the durability, thermal resistance, and safety that polyurea flooring provides. We can work together to find the solution to your specific industrial flooring needs.

Why Choose Fortress Floors of Iowa

The team in Iowa has received expert training from the original Fortress Floor owners, ensuring quality service and dedication to concrete floor finishes. With over two decades of experience in construction, know that your project is in the most capable hands…literally!

Polyurea Experts

Our team of professionals is highly skilled in applying polyurea floor coatings, offering unmatched expertise in the industry.


Polyurea floor coatings provide an impermeable barrier to moisture including chemical spills.


Its superior wear, abrasion resistance, and resilience against UV rays make polyurea coatings extremely long-lasting.


By providing a slip-resistant surface that withstands heavy traffic without peeling or cracking, polyurea enhances safety.


Besides its practical benefits, polyurea floor coating also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any concrete space.

One-Day Installation

Its rapid curing properties allow for polyurea floor coatings to be installed and ready for use within one day.

finished garage floor

Why Choose Polyurea Flooring
Instead of Epoxy

Polyurea is the way to go for durable, long-lasting floors that stand up to high traffic, moisture, and keep you safe.

Waterproof Protection

No need to worry about moisture damage. The molecular composition of our cutting-edge polyurea coatings is impenetrable to water, ensuring your floors stay dry even in winter conditions.

Non-Skid Surfaces

Unfinished concrete when wet can be a dangerous slip hazard. Whether you, your family, your customers, or your employees are setting foot on your concrete floor, keep everyone safe from falls.

Thermal Stability and UV Resistance

Polyurea coatings won't fade or discolor, even in strong sunlight. They're also stable in different temperatures, which means they won't crack or peel when the temperature changes. From winter to summer, these floors can withstand even Iowa’s harshest elements.


When it comes to flooring, polyurea coatings are the toughest of the bunch. They can take on all sorts of things that other products like epoxy just can't handle. Picture a busy shopping mall or a bustling factory floor. That's a lot of people and machinery moving about, right? Not a problem for polyurea! It's so tough, it hardly ever gets a scratch.

finished large garage
workers finishing coated garage floor

Meet the Fortress Floors of Iowa Team

Fortress Floors Iowa

Born and raised in Iowa, Ben Lensing is a down-to-earth construction professional with over 25 years of industry experience. As a business owner, Ben also runs a Radon mitigation company where his commitment to his client’s safety is paramount to his practice. This focus on safety can be seen through his concrete coatings, ensuring his clients are left with flooring that is non-skid, free of cracks, and ready for whatever life throws at it.


The Floor Coatings Process

Call, Appointment, Evaluate & Quote

Cost is a big consideration for any contractor project, but consider the savings you’ll get from doing the job right the first time! Yes, we’re talking to all of you Epoxy DIYers out there. Before you get into a DIY gone wrong, let us come evaluate your space and give you a complimentary quote. You’ll be glad you did!

Floor Preparation & Repairs

Our team will prepare your concrete floor so it is ready to receive treatment. The preparation process includes repairing any cracks and grinding the concrete to ensure the surface is level. All you need to do is remove all objects on the floor prior to our team’s arrival.

Apply Floor Coatings

Choose from the many standard flake floor color options or we can work together to create a custom color for your space. This is a great option for Seahawks fans looking to create a mancave or maybe you want your supercar to stand out against a sleek garage floor. Whatever your aesthetic, we can match your style.

coated garage floor
finished back patio with landscaping


See why Fortress Floors Iowa are garage experts.

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